Metafilter roundup: cold weather dressing

December 12, 2007


Moving to cold-weather climate! Help!
“Teach me how to transition to a cold climate. What clothes should I buy? Other stuff I should know?”

Dressing Professionally When It’s Cold
“I live in a warm climate, and I have a job interview in a cold climate in the near future. How do I dress professionally when there are a few feet of snow on the ground?”

Cute-casual-comfortable wardrobe for pear-shaped female in wintertime?
“What would be the equivalent wardrobe for wintertime for a pear shape? If you are a pear, what do you wear in the fall/winter?… My life is super casual, and I walk to just about everything, so ease and comfort are key.”


What to wear: Cashmere Sweater and Coat

December 11, 2007

What to Wear
Coat – White wool coat with mock neck, from Smart Set
Boots – Hagen style, from Naturalizer
Sweater – Turquoise Cashmere Scoop-Neck Sweater, from Old Navy
Camisole – White thermal silk camisole, from Winter Silks
Jeans – Dark wash Joe’s Jeans Starlet Style, from Bluefly
Earrings – Everyday Turquoise Drop Earrings, from Artwear by Mona at Etsy
Earmuffs – Sheepskin Adjustable Unisex Earmuffs, from Amazon
Scarf – Turquoise, gray, and black hand crocheted scarf, from Crochet and Crafts at Etsy
Mittens – Shearling Mittens, from Shepherd’s Flock
Bag – Perforated Doctor Bag, from Urban Outfitters

A modern take on the winter muff

December 5, 2007

This Victorian winter mainstay has been given a modern twist:

Winter Muff, by ryfka

What a fairytale photo! It reminds me of this Kate Greenaway illustration from Under the Window.

Kate Greenaway Illustration

If you’d like a muff of your own, Etsy user SaariDesign has a number of faux-fur muffs available for $30, plus shipping.

Make your favourite jeans winter-ready

December 5, 2007

Long underwear is an absolute essential to surviving a walk in those whistling winds without resorting to ski pants. (Especially if you’re trying to cross the street at the coldest intersection in North America.)

However, many pairs of long underwear have the unfortunate “up past the navel” style, which is rather obvious above the standard low-rise of today’s jeans.

Luckily, Winter Silks makes a low-rise version of their thin-but-warm long johns:

Low-Rise Long Underwear by Winter Silks

Canadian trivia note: the phrase “long johns”, used to describe long underwear, is often credited to John Stanfield of Nova Scotia-based company Stanfield’s, which has been in business since 1870.

About Canadian Winter Fashion

December 5, 2007

Canadian Winter Fashion is a practical guide to surviving Canadian winters with a bit of style.

Whether you’re a visiting tourist, planning to move to Canada, or a Canadian seeking some ideas on how to stay warm with style this winter, this blog will suggest outfit ideas for cold weather fashion, product recommendations, and helpful tips on how to stay toasty warm, dry, and fashionable this winter.